Picking a Custom Cake in NYC? Get to Know These Yummy Flavor Ideas

Posted by on April 8, 2014 in Info Articles

There is a wide selection of delicious wedding custom cakes in NYC, and for most people, picking the finest one might be a bit tricky. To guarantee that your final choice provides the best bang for the buck and serves as a treat to the taste buds, focus more on selecting the cake's flavor, and not just the design. As assistant editor Nicole Perry writes in her article posted at YumSugar.com:

"Whether you’re going the DIY route and asking a friend or family member to bake up a cake, or working with a pastry shop, wedding cake design doesn’t stop at aesthetics. From ultra-traditional (triple chocolate) to tropical and trendy (coconut passion fruit), these flavor combinations will help inspire the most important aspect of your cake: what’s inside. "

Any finely crafted custom cake in NYC should be top-notch in two categories, namely design and taste. Nobody would definitely like a cake that looks stunning on the outside, but tastes bland on the inside. Two of 2014’s most popular wedding cake flavors are traditional vanilla batter and chocolate cake, with red velvet coming in at a close third.

For couples looking for an exciting twist to an otherwise classic flavor, they can choose coconut instead of the usual cream cheese frosting and red velvet combination. On the other hand, chocolate lovers can add a burst of rosewater flavor into vanilla buttercream, which creates a subtle yet sweet flavor that’s sure to captivate the sweet tooth of guests.

Working with professional cake bakers and designers like Elegantly Iced can help narrow down your choices and make the decision-making process easier for you. Most of them do allow their clients to choose different flavors or fillings for each cake tier at very little to no additional cost. Some of the popular flavor combinations today include chocolate cakes with strawberry filling; amaretto cakes with raspberry filling; vanilla cakes with chocolate fudge filling; and chocolate cakes with cherry filling. Notice how different flavors are combined to create one distinct taste.

If you want something other than pure sweetness in cake, you can also add liqueurs. Some professional bakers work with these sweet distilled spirits, such as Grand Marnier, and blend them in the cake batter, giving the final baked product a unique, rich taste.

Couples can also choose to add a layer of buttercream frosting between the cake and fondant. Buttercream frosting is quickly gaining popularity among couples because of its creaminess, not to mention that it complements fondant well. Other popular fillings and frosting include chocolate ganache, cream cheese, and lemon; so be sure to mix and match popular complementary flavors to create the best tasting wedding cake possible.

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